New Strategy Center is a Romanian think tank specialising in foreign, defence and security policy, a non-partisan, non-governmental organisation. New Strategy Center operates at three main levels: providing analytical inputs and expert advice to decision-makers; holding regular debates, both in-house and public, on subjects of topical interest; expanding external outreach through partnerships with similar institutions or organisations in Europe and the US, joint policy papers and international conferences. The Balkans and the Black Sea space are priority areas of interest for New Strategy Center. 

Hybrid Core BV is developing a hybrid intelligence-powered next-generation decision support system, Smart Navigator, to power digital transformation and to help the public entities and companies make smart decisions with high-tech accuracy and full privacy. 

HENSOLDT Analytics is a global leader in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Media Monitoring & Analysis Solutions. Today, TV and Radio are still the main source for information. The massive global growth of the internet is also generating large information constantly. The HENSOLDT Analytics solution monitors all this data on traditional media (TV, Radio, Print, etc.) and digital media (Social Media, internet articles, public emails, etc.) across multiple languages and geographies in real time. HENSOLDT Analytics offers a platform dedicated to enhance decision support of management and analysts in any phase of operations. It enables simultaneous monitoring of live media streams across multiple channels in more than 30 languages and in addition analyses content sentiment. 

Avoin yhteiskunta ry is a Finnish transparency NGO enabling since 2014 Faktabaari (FactBar), the multi-awarded Finnish fact-checking and digital information literacy service. Our networks gather variety of experts and active citizens for fact-based public debate and for development of digital information literacy. We participate many global, European or regional fact-checking and verification and media and information literacy networks and expert groups. We specialize especially in developing a digital information literacy approach with and for teachers and informaticians both with Finnish stakeholders and within EDMO NORDIS (Nordic observatory for digital media and information disorders) community of researchers, fact-checkers and media educators.

Fondazione SAFE (Security and Freedom for Europe) is an Italian-based not-for-profit organisation designing and implementing high-impact projects in the field of security and defence in the European Union, the Western Balkans and the Middle East. SAFE’s activities focus on organized crime, CBRN risk mitigation and critical infrastructure protection, including hybrid threats. SAFE’s aim is to support actors in understanding, preventing and responding to incidents, thus assuring the safety of citizens.

The foundation’s capacities are in developing and implementing trainings and operational guidelines, testing technical equipment, networking by promoting cross-border and inter-agency cooperation and monitoring and evaluation of project activities. Furthermore, since the beginning of 2021, SAFE manages its own training and testing facility to conduct HEAT (hostile environment awareness training) courses, simulations and real-life exercises, CBRNe awareness and personal safety courses. Additionally, SAFE is now part of the European Security and Defense College Network. For the implementation of its activities, SAFE collaborates with various stakeholders in the field of security and defence to assure effective cooperation among the different institutions and EU member states. These include:

• Governance actors including Municipalities, Metropolitan Areas and Cities, Regions, Ministries, European Union;

• Institutions such as Police, Arma dei Carabinieri and the Italian Army;

• Private sector actors (for example, experts and industry leaders in R&D)

• Public sector actors and the research community such as universities and research centres.

Combitech is an independent technical consulting company and part of defence and security group Saab AB. We have a Nordic base, but we also work with our clients internationally. Combitech is growing both organically and through acquisitions, and we have almost 2,200 qualified consultants in some 30 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We offer high delivery capacity and a wide range of specialist skills and concepts to clients operating in manufacturing, the service industry, public sector and defence.

The Police University College (Polamk) is Finland’s only police educational institute – a center of expertise in police education, research and development.

We have a special position in the field of higher education: we are simultaneously a university of applied sciences and a police unit. Unlike other universities of applied sciences, we operate under the Ministry of the Interior.

Academic Centre for Strategic Communication is a think-tank of StratCom experts. ACSC provides StratCom trainings, workshops and seminars. It analyzes information environment in the scope of hybrid threats including disinformation. It also develops recommendations for the Polish Armed Forces in the field of disinformation resilience. ACSC focuses on increasing the awareness and developing competences of the Polish Army in the area of StratCom.

The DIBS fosters the professional and institutional development of the Georgian Ministry of Defence (MOD), promotes a common understanding of security and defence policy across the government and civil society, and tries to enhance cooperation between Georgia’s security sector, regional countries, and NATO allies and partners.

State Scientific Institution “Institute of Information, Security and Law of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine”. The main mission of the State Scientific Institution is scientific and legal support of modernization of public relations, determination of priority areas of research and development of legislation in the information sphere, in the field of digital transformation and national security and defense of Ukraine. In addition, the Institute should promote the formation and implementation of state policy, activities of state and local governments, law enforcement and judicial bodies and military formations in these areas, as well as building civil society, sovereign, democratic, social, legal state.

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