Network and Vision

The project’s gaps and needs related research activities in each of the four core themes will be conducted jointly with the project consortium partners and new or potential members of the extended EU-HYBNET Network in order to share expertise in the named research field – this also represents a methodological measure of the project to expand the scope of activities and increase the number of participating actors, thereby empowering the European network in the fight against hybrid threats. All project activities will be planned and conducted in a manner that supports ways of finding and attracting new and potentially valuable European actors (practitioners, industry, SMEs and academic actors, NGOs) to the European Network against hybrid threats.

A principal feature of the methodology is to provide the means for empowering the network and for facilitating activities of project consortium partners and stakeholder board members in identifying potential new key actors. In addition, the project dissemination and communication measures will ensure that new actors may become aware of the network’s activities and by their own initiative may request to become members.


Extended Network

The project administration board will eventually select new members on a yearly basis which will allow for cooperation and information sharing with other network members in forthcoming years.

TUOVI Platform

A Secure Portal From the Finnish Ministry of Interior

Laurea UAS has coordinated the use of TUOVI, a secure online portal where EU-HYBNET has own working space for EU-HYBNET Stakeholder Groups and Network Members. TUOVI is hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Interior.

The TUOVI platform  serves as a useful and enduring means of secure communication, networking, and collaborating between existing (present EU-HYBNET Stakeholder Group members) and new, accepted members of the EU-HYBNET network. All EU-HYBNET Network members will see each other’s profiles and will be able to contact each other via email if they wish or discuss or exchange ideas about the project or other matters involving hybrid threats within the platform.

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