Baltic Centre for Media Excellence

Baltic Center for Media Excellence (BCME) promotes professional growth, media intelligence and critical thinking and strives for positive change in journalism and communities it serves since 2015. Disinformation resilience is one of the main priorities of BCME through various of its projects, starting from Media and Information literacy initiatives and support for development of independent media in the Baltic region to researches and awareness campaigns. In-depth research on the Baltic and Eastern Partnership media landscape is an important part of BCME activities, as it helps to set future media development strategies and to work on future projects of making societies more aware of the threats of propaganda and misinformation. Researches on certain aspects of disinformation as well as audience research, exploring media development needs and giving detailed reports on public service broadcasting are done with the cooperation of leading media experts and journalism schools and has been acknowledged as highly valuable by media communities. Main research partners are leading experts in this field working for series universities in the region, including Tallinn University, Riga Stradins University, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Vilnius University. The Center regularly organises webinars, seminars and conferences in order to distribute its research findings and also to rise awareness on specific media issues and trends in the region. 

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