National Police Headquarters

The supervising authority of Polish Police is the National Police Headquarters headed by the Commander-in-Chief of Police. The Commander-in-Chief is supported by three deputies, responsible for prevention, criminal affairs and logistics respectively.

The Commander-in-Chief of Police supervises directly the Commander-in-Chief of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police and 16 Provincial Commanders; they supervise the work of municipal and county police commanders, who are responsible for the work of police officers in police stations.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Police is a central organ of government administration competent in matters of protecting human security and maintaining public security and order, subordinate to the minister in charge of internal affairs.


Departmental tasks:

  • working out and implementing system solutions for Police organisational units within the scope of crisis management, rescue and civil protection, as well as defence preparations;
  • developing, updating emergency response procedures and plans;
  • developing the principles of police protection of critical infrastructure;
  • initiating, planning and supervising in the Police organisational units of defence preparations for the time of threat to national security and war;
  • coordinating, organizing and conducting trainings and exercises with national and international entities in the field of crisis management and preparing the Police to function in states of emergency;
  • coordinating and supervising the preparation of negotiators for police negotiations and negotiation activities;
  • coordinating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Police.

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