NORSECON is an independent science and engineering consulting firm, offering:

Analytics - Converts incalculable uncertainty to manageable risk, creating operational capabilities and effects from the opportunities offered by scientific, technological and methodological breakthroughs.

Research - Develops the client's ability to create, manage, and exploit emerging business opportunities in a volatile operational environment through Evidence-Based Research and Analysis, applying a Complex Adaptive Systems perspective.

Innovation - Supports organizations in creating a systems innovation culture through human-centric and creative thinking to meet complex, dynamic mission challenges.

NORSECON provides these qualified Science and Engineering Consulting services:
- Scientific/Technical Intelligence & Investigation
- Technology Foresight, Horizon Scanning
- Concept Development & Experimentation
- Leadership, Organizational Development
- Science, Technology, Innovation Management
- Mission Analysis, Policy Development, Strategy Design
- Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops
- Education & Training

NORSECON experts conduct basic & applied research in Automation, AI, Human-Autonomy Teaming, Man-Technology-Organization, Control theory, Mathematical modelling, Cybernetics, Complex Adaptive systems, Cognitive systems engineering, Neurotechnologies, R&D/Innovation, Sensemaking, Leadership & Decision Making.

NORSECON experts give lectures/talks and advise leaders, staff and students on Human Factors, Dynamic Capabilities, Hybrid Threats, Crisis Management, Societal Security & Defence, Science & Technology, Innovation, Leadership, Modelling & Simulation, Systems Engineering and Complex Systems.

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