Seeders, originally a software technology and consulting enterprise based in Athens, Greece, has significantly evolved into a leading provider of Technology and Business Transformation services. This transformation has been deeply influenced by the company’s founders, who are also part of the founding team of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Greece, where they continue to contribute actively. Currently, Seeders operates through four specialized business units: Seeders Talent, Seeders Tech, Seeders Venture Studio, and Seeders Defence. · Seeders Talent is dedicated to talent sourcing and team building, through innovative technology and processes developed in-house, ensuring the company can form tech teams on demand and in significantly reduced costs and timeframes. · Seeders Tech provides comprehensive technology, consulting and development services, supporting large organizations worldwide. · Seeders Venture Studio provides a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing idea discovery, business support, team formation and management, product design and development, and business development. Additionally, Seeders actively engages in new ventures by investing in them, demonstrating a commitment to fostering innovation and growth. · Seeders Defence capitalizes on the founders’ and team members’ deep knowledge and experience within the Hellenic Armed Forces to offer know-how as well as technology-based innovation services to the military sector. It’s noteworthy that in the Defence field, Seeders possesses a unique advantage by blending extensive expertise in technology, innovation, and military operational experience & knowledge, positioning the company as a leader in delivering comprehensive technology innovation solutions.

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