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EU-HYBNET “Defined Innovations to Hybrid Threats” Event #EDIHT

Open for EU-HYBNET Partners, Network Members & Relevant EU bodies and Networks!

The “Defined Innovations to Hybrid Threats” event (#EDIHT) provides EU-HYBNET pan-European stakeholders (practitioners, industry, academia, NGOs) with an opportunity to learn about innovations (technical and social/ on-technical) that the project has identified as possible solutions to counter hybrid threats. The event will take you through the process of assessment, selection and analysis of all innovations.

The workshop will present research results from EU-HYBNET project’s work in selected target areas in which improvements and innovations for countering hybrid threats need to be taken up. The basis for research was found in earlier project activities where promising research, technologies and innovations have been identified as possible answers to pan-European practitioners and other relevant actors (industry, academia, NGOs) gaps, needs and vulnerabilities in countering hybrid threats. During the event, presentations will be given on how the assessment of the possible innovative solutions was conducted and how this leads to:

a) the formulation of target areas

b) the prioritization of innovations

c) inclusion into EU-HYBNET work dedicated to further processing of solutions for innovation uptake recommendations.

By organising the event at the start of the EU-HYBNET project’s next 2nd working cycle (October 2021 – March 2023), we hope that it might inspire you to suggest new ideas for countering hybrid threats, which we can then process from October 2021 onwards.

The workshop is open to project consortium and EU-HYBNET network members upon registration and aims at fostering information sharing on innovative solutions to counter hybrid threats.

Join the event on 4th October 2021 at 9.30-11.00 CEST!


EU-HYBNET 2nd Gaps and Needs Event

Open for EU-HYBNET Partners and Network Members!

You are welcome to participate in the 2nd EU-HYBNET Gaps and Needs Event. Support us in defining pan-European practitioners’ and other relevant actors’ (industry, academia, NGOs) gaps and needs to counter hybrid threats in September 2021!

The Gaps and Needs Event is at the core of EU-HYBNET since it will determine the priority gaps and needs on which the project will focus in the forthcoming 17 months by identifying most promising innovations to fill the gaps and needs and recommending innovations uptake and standardisation. The event will take place in two steps, to which all EU-HYBNET consortium and network members are invited to contribute. Please save the following dates in your calendars:
7th September 2021
28th and 29th September 2021

Substance and practical details of the Gaps and Needs Event will be provided no later than 13th August 2021, including registration link.

For more information, please contact:
EU-HYBNET Event organiser: Emma Lappalainen (Hybrid CoE)
EU-HYBNET Network Manager: Jari Räsänen (Laurea)