EU-HYBNET Innovation Standardisation Workshop #ISW

We are pleased to announce EU-HYBNET’s “Innovation Standardization Workshop” on 15th June 2022 at the Babylon Hotel, The Hague, NL.

The event is open to EU-HYBNET consortium partners. Registrations are now closed.

The Innovation Standardization Workshop (ISW) focuses on EU-HYBNET’s identified most promising technological and non-technological innovative solutions and tools to counter Hybrid Threats and their standardization landscape in two fields:

  • Countering disinformation and fake news, increasing the level of media literacy and social resilience.
  • Critical infrastructure protection and information sharing.

The ISW will start with a keynote speech on “Countering Russian Disinformation during the war against Ukraine” given by Maria Avdeeva, Research Director at the European Expert Association from Kharkiv, Ukraine. A second keynote speech will focus on “Innovation standardization landscape in the context of critical infrastructure protection and need for enhanced information sharing” provided by EU-Vri – Steinbeis European Risk & Resilience Institute.

Keynote speeches will be followed by parallel sessions for two working groups (WG) with the participation of expert speakers, invited guests and EU-HYBNET consortium and network members. The WGs are:

WG1. on “Standardization measures in the context of critical infrastructure protection and innovations to enhance information sharing”

This WG will focus on standardization experts and pan-European security practitioners’ views on present standards, needs and possibilities for standardization in the future noticing the challenges deriving form hybrid threats.

WG2. on “Standardisation and innovations in disinformation and media literacy”

This WG is dedicated on standardization best practices and innovative solutions answering security practitioners’ needs to counter information manipulation and interference, disinformation and media literacy.

In the context of Hybrid Threats and focus areas of the WGs, the WGs aim to formulate recommendations concerning standardization and present standards. The WGs’ goal is also to support EU-HYBNET’s most promising proposed innovations uptake for pan-European security practitioners to counter Hybrid Threats.

Please find below the full agenda.

Participants are encouraged to attend the event in-person and join the discussions in the Hague. The sessions will also be broadcasted online; however, discussions in the parallel sessions will only be held in-person.

The event is invitation based. However, if you are interested in joining ISW due to your expertise in the focus areas of the workshop, please contact event organizer EU-HYBNET partner Polish Platform for Homeland Security Mr. Bartłomiej Ostrowski at

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