EU-HYBNET workshop “Reacting to hybrid threats: Ethical compliance of the riposte/counter-attack innovations” at CRITIS2022 & online

As part of the CRITIS2022 conference, EU-HYBNET is organising a workshop on “Reacting to hybrid threats: Ethical compliance of the riposte/counter-attack innovations” with a case study on Critical Infrastructure protection. The workshop will be held in Munich during the afternoon of 15 September 2022 and is open to all.  

The purpose of this workshop is to promote the discussion on how to ethically react and respond to hybrid threats, with a special focus in the Critical Infrastructure (CI) domain, and to encourage expert organizations in ethics to join the EU-HYBNET network. 

Questions around hybrid threats, such as what to do, when to respond, and how heavy should the response be, all contain ethical considerations. For example, it is important to consider how to respect European values, and particularly how to ensure that the response itself does not cause more harm than intended. In addition, similar questions arise around the technology used when responding to hybrid threats as sometimes, even with the best intentions, it is neither clear nor self-evident that the technology used to respond would produce an ethically sustainable end-result. 

Therefore, the workshop will  look into the three ethical layers of the (possible) responses to hybrid threats in the CI domain: 

  1. the ethical issues related to the overall legitimacy and ethicalness of responding to hybrid threats in CI domain, e.g., the principles that gives the right to respond etc. 
  2. the ethicalness of the responses themselves, e.g., a particular response and how that is ethical and just, their characteristics, what to take into consideration etc. 
  3. the riposte/counter-attack technology, e.g., are there any issues with the technology itself (black boxes/unintended consequences…), how to overcome them, how to ensure the ethical compliance of the technology etc. 

The event will also include a presentation of the NOTIONES project by its Ethics Manager Mr. Tuomas Tammilehto (Laurea).

If interested in joining, please register here in the CRITIS2022 webpage. Online participants can attend this event through Zoom by connecting here.

For more information, please contact Mr. Tuomas Tammilehto, EU-HYBNET Ethics Manager (Laurea) 

CRITIS2022 is organised by EU-HYBNET member COMTESSA in Munich from 14-16 September 2022. The conference will also feature a presentation of the project by Project Coordinator Dr. Päivi Mattila (Laurea). More information on the conference can be found here

The event is finished.

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