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The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest applied research organisation, with more than 1400 experts focusing on critical infrastructure issues of the future. AIT’s contributions to the objectives of the EUHYBNET project are based on a multidisciplinary group of experienced scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds at the AIT Center for Digital Safety & Security (DSS).  

The “Data Science & Artificial Intelligence” (DSAI) unit of DSS ( applies data science methods and tools to provide applied AI at scale for analysing numeric, textual, audio, or visual information. The DSAI team provides expertise for each step in a data science workflow, which typically begins with a clear hypothesis or problem formulation and covers the subsequent phases of data aggregation and normalization, data analytics, and data visualization, as well as data publication and preservation.  

This data science competence is extended by further research teams. The “Sensing & Vision Solutions” unit is providing dedicated expertise on video analytics (, in addition the “Security & Communication Technologies” unit ( is ensuring a strong cyber security research footprint . 

Furthermore, AIT is coordinating the national initiative defalsif-AI (, in close cooperation with Austrian ministries, media organisations and scientific partners, for developing next generation methodologies and forensic tools for fighting against hybrid threats, fake news and disinformation. 

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