The Center for Research and Training in Disaster Medicine, Humanitarian Aid and Global Health (CRIMEDIM), is a university-wide academic center that conducts research, education and training in the field of disaster medicine and humanitarian health. The center is committed to promote innovative research projects and to foster learning and training programs using state of the art technologies to enhance the resilience of health systems to disasters and humanitarian crises. CRIMEDIM vision is to make health systems able to effectively protect people from all kinds of health threats, including hybrid threats. Among its activities, CRIMEDIM is coordinating the NO-FEAR project, a five-years-long H2020 project aiming at bringing together a pan-European and beyond network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policy makers to collaborate and exchange knowledge, good practices, and lessons learned, to develop a common understanding of the innovation potential that fills operational gaps and pinpoint areas for future research.

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