EFFECTUS – Entrepreneurial Studies

EFFECTUS – Entrepreneurial Studies – University College was established in 2008. EFFECTUS mission is to provide and convey to each person, through an individualized approach, the contemporary and applicable knowledge and skills required in the market that enable professional development, independence and personal growth. The vision of EFFECTUS is to become a unique institution of higher education that innovatively and interdisciplinary links all fields of business education in the form of entrepreneurial studies, respects the principles of excellence and transforms students into leaders that contribute to the development of the economy and society as a whole. The primary activity of EFFECTUS is the higher education. However, EFFECTUS is deeply aware of the social role of education and the fact that education is not just a purpose or a consequence of itself, so EFFECTUS is constantly developing new educational and scientific programs. EFFECTUS established a think-thank ˝HUMANe - Institute for Economic-Legal and Behavioural Aspects of Crisis, Cyber Challenges, AI and Disinformation˝ with the aim of providing economic, legal and behavioural multidisciplinary and multidimensional analysis of technology and its impact, especially considering economic, legal, ethical, behavioural and psychological advantages and risks of technology, AI, misinformation and cyber threats. 

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