National Cybersecurity Directorate

The National Cybersecurity Directorate (DNSC) is a specialized entity within the central public administration of Romania, established to ensure the cybersecurity of the national civil cyberspace. Under the coordination of the Prime Minister, DNSC operates with legal personality and full funding from the state budget. It encompasses the responsibilities and personnel of the dissolved National Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CERT-RO). DNSC, headquartered in Bucharest, plays a permanent role in the Cybersecurity Operations Council and is responsible for the cybersecurity of the national civil cyberspace. The organization provides public services, including preventive, reactive, and consultancy services in the field of cybersecurity. With a commitment to principles such as legality, transparency, and international solidarity, DNSC aims to strengthen Romania's cybersecurity posture through collaboration, innovation, and effective crisis management.

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