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Nord University Nord University is a young university located in the Northern part of Norway. Nord University has a focus on bio-economics, innovation and entrepreneurship, welfare, health and education.  Societal safety and security is one of four core areas within the Nord university. 

By developing knowledge about risk and vulnerability, Nord University contributes to creating a safe, democratic society that promotes robust social and economic development. Nord University conducts research within risk assessment, crisis preparedness and response, and global security issues. The university has a strong international cooperation, especially in the Arctic region, and leads a scientific network on  Safety and Security within the University of the Arctic UArctic - UArctic - University of the Arctic. Nord university hosts NORDLAB-Nord university, a center for safety, security and emergency management R&D and training  At NORDLAB a broad range of digital platforms including simulators are included to provide realistic training for students and professionals within a broad range of scenarios, including hybrid threats. 

Nord university unites both military and civilian competence within its education and research.  The research team conducts education and cross-disciplinary research on  grey zone incidents and hybrid threats in cooperation with both military and civilian institutions. Nord university coordinates a research consortium on hybrid threat response, and training of key personnel in the field. The NORDLAB team includes several PhD-students and post docs. 

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