EU-HYBNET 1st Annual Workshop and Stakeholders Group Meeting, Online #AW

Mark your calendars, because you are cordially invited to the 1st EU-HYBNET Annual Workshop and the Stakeholders Group Meeting that will be both held on 13 April 2021!

The EU-HYBNET Pan European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats Annual Workshop aims at highlighting the results and findings of the EU-HYBNET project gained during the first project year.

As part of the event, EU-HYBNET is inviting organizations that work with security-related topics to present research and/or innovations which could contribute to countering hybrid threats.  EU-HYBNET is interested to hearing about a wide array of issues such as:

  • Technological innovations.
  • Ideas in organizational change.
  • Public policy measures and experiences.
  • Solutions to increase security in and resilience of critical infrastructures, cyber domain, local and national government.
  • Information and strategic communication systems.

If you are interested in presenting your solution or innovative idea during the 1st EU-HYBNET Annual Workshop, please fill out the accompanied template. Each presentation will last a maximum of 10 minutes. Once we have received all inputs, EU-HYBNET will select 4-6 ideas to be presented during the workshop.

In the afternoon, the Stakeholder Group Meeting will be an opportunity for the stakeholders to provide feedback and recommendations to the project partners about EU-HYBNET’s yearly results and findings and to share their experiences as network members. Participation is open to all EU-HYBNET consortium partners.

Due to the virtual nature of this year’s Annual Workshop the Project Coordinator, will host the annual Stakeholders Group Meeting directly following the Annual Workshop. Because we are not able to meet in person during this year’s event, we invite the Consortium partners and EU-HYBNET Network members to voluntarily attend the Stakeholders Group Meeting, in order to virtually learn about the stakeholders and listen to the valuable information exchange. More detailed information about the Stakeholders Group Meeting can be found in forthcoming pages of this booklet.

Kindly send your ideas by 26 February 2021 COB to Emma Lappalainen, Hybrid CoE:

The event is finished.

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