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EU-HYBNET “Defined Innovations to Hybrid Threats” Event #EDIHT

Open for EU-HYBNET Partners, Network Members & Relevant EU bodies and Networks!

The “Defined Innovations to Hybrid Threats” event (#EDIHT) provides EU-HYBNET pan-European stakeholders (practitioners, industry, academia, NGOs) with an opportunity to learn about innovations (technical and social/ on-technical) that the project has identified as possible solutions to counter hybrid threats. The event will take you through the process of assessment, selection and analysis of all innovations.

The workshop will present research results from EU-HYBNET project’s work in selected target areas in which improvements and innovations for countering hybrid threats need to be taken up. The basis for research was found in earlier project activities where promising research, technologies and innovations have been identified as possible answers to pan-European practitioners and other relevant actors (industry, academia, NGOs) gaps, needs and vulnerabilities in countering hybrid threats. During the event, presentations will be given on how the assessment of the possible innovative solutions was conducted and how this leads to:

a) the formulation of target areas

b) the prioritization of innovations

c) inclusion into EU-HYBNET work dedicated to further processing of solutions for innovation uptake recommendations.

By organising the event at the start of the EU-HYBNET project’s next 2nd working cycle (October 2021 – March 2023), we hope that it might inspire you to suggest new ideas for countering hybrid threats, which we can then process from October 2021 onwards.

The workshop is open to project consortium and EU-HYBNET network members upon registration and aims at fostering information sharing on innovative solutions to counter hybrid threats.

Join the event on 4th October 2021 at 9.30-11.00 CEST!

INCLUDING Workshop Athens

EU-HYBNET will take part in INCLUDING 2nd Annual Workshop on Nuclear Security in Maritime Infrastructure

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (EU-HYBNET Consortium) will present EU-HYBNET project during next INCLUDING Workshop on Nuclear Security in Maritime Infrastructure.

The 2nd INCLUDING Workshop is devoted to Nuclear Security issues and with a focus on maritime infrastructure. Following the two days exercise at Piraeus Port Container Terminal, the Workshop will put under the magnifying lens open issues in prevention, detection and response to Nuclear Security scenarios and primarily in designated points of entry like ports.

The Workshop scope includes:

  1. Strategic issues and the international legal framework
  2. Operational capabilities and innovation
  3. Cooperation between EU and international activities

The Workshop is upon invitation and open to practitioners, innovators, suppliers and academia with a role and interest in the subject.
Location: Joint CBRN Coy premises, Chaidari, Athens, Greece

The Workshop is organised in physical presence. Due to the particular situation with pandemic, the event will be livestreamed to interested stakeholders.
If you are interested in following the INCLUDING 2nd Annual Workshop livestream, please contact the organizers for having the access using the following LINK.

Save the date EU HYBNET Month


EU-HYBNET Consortium is pleased to inform you that the EU-HYBNET Month will start very soon!

From 31st of March until 29th of April, workshops, training events as well as stakeholder group meetings will be held. You can find out more about our events and register by using the following links:

  • EU-HYBNET 1st General Assembly, 28 April 2021, (10.00-11.30 CET)
  • European Commission DG HOME and EU-HYBNET a Community of Users/ CERIS workshop, end of May (exact day TBC)

For more information:

Events will take place virtually on Zoom or BlueJeans platforms

Should you need any other information or support, please contact EU-HYBNET Coordinator Dr. Päivi Mattila  or EU-HYBNET Project Manager MS Janel Coburn


EU-HYBNET Newsletter

Are you a Security Practitioner? A stakeholder? An Academic? An Industry Player? Or a SME? Are you interested in countering hybrid threats? Then, have a look to the first EU-HYBNET Newsletter.

This first edition will provide you an overview of EU-HYBNET Network and vision; and Project Partners. It then provides and update on the present status of the project by showing the latest developments related to the Innovation Arena; Gaps and Needs activities. Finally it covers past and upcoming EU-HYBNET related events.

If you are interested in knowing more, have a look at the newsletter.